Vilas County Wisconsin

Northwoods VS Northwouldn'ts

A vacation to VILAS COUNTY is a slice of Northwoods heaven. Whether you’re fishing, biking, cross-country skiing, birdwatching or simply relaxing, a successful trip to Vilas County means four seasons of fun and plenty of stories to share. Here are a few tips to help make your next Vilas County vacation a vibrant, vivacious venture.

When you cast your line into Vilas County waters, you’ll be hooked. (Not literally, we hope—watch your surroundings!) Monster musky, plentiful panfish and more roam the county’s lakes and rivers, so you can find fishing fun anywhere in any season.
Gear up for beautiful views as you cruise Vilas County’s bike paths. If you’re a smart trail user (and we know you are), you can use handy tools like the Map It Vilas County trails app and the Vilas County Silent Sports Trail Map. Remember: always wear a helmet (goggles, top hat and mustache optional).
Wintertime visitors will find a powdery paradise in Vilas County, which sits along the Lake Superior Snowbelt—think the North Pole, but warmer and with fewer elves. Savvy cross-country skiers can use the Map It Vilas County trails app to find the best groomed and ungroomed (divorced?) trails.
Peep this: Vilas County is a birder’s paradise. Binoculars, patience and quiet are key—you won’t make many feathered friends if you’re a real turkey on the trails. (Note: if you’re a *real* turkey, you probablyhave many feathered friends.)
A campfire is a perfect way to end the day at a lakefront resort or cabin. (Safety first: you don’t want your attempted R&R to end up in the ER.) Stock up on graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows and watch the stars come out. (Trick other guests with fake celestial bodies. “Oh that? That’s the Medium Dipper, and that one’s the Death Star.”)